Hilton Valley Krill Boilies


The Hilton valley krill is our latest addition to our bait selection here at the fishery. This bait is a mixed blend of krill, tuna and predigested fishmeals which combined together gives an extremely fishy aroma to the bait. With a good helping of spice blends yeast powders and liquid liver hydrolysate gives the bait more feeding triggers that carp find irresistible. To give the bait its colour the addition of kingfishers Robin red is used.

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The Walts Boilies


The Walts is a mixture of nut flours/protiens and mixed milk protiens. With a hint of pineapple flavour to give the bait a fruity milky nutty aroma which carp find hard to ignore.
This hi visual bait has already accounted for carp to mid thirties and is an excellent all year round bait.

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