Our Fishery Rules

  1. No nets, cradles, mats, weigh slings or retention slings are to be brought onto this site at any time. PLEASE LEAVE THEM AT HOME. These will be supplied.
  2. Fish are to be retained for a maximum of 5 minutes for photography purposes only.
  3. All fish caught are to be reported immediately to the Bailiff before being returned to the water for the benefit of recording data on all fish. Telephone: 07511626003
  4. No bent hooks, no 360 rigs under any circumstances
  5. Barbed or Micro barb hooks only, size no smaller than size 8.
  6. No Braid mainlines. Coated braid hooklinks are permitted.
  7. No leaders of any kind and no lead core.
  8. No plastic baits
  9. No bait boats or rowing boats
  10. Guests are not permitted unless those guests are your spouse, your partner or your child. These will be permitted at a discounted rate.
  11. No RUBBISH to be left in your swim or on the site. You are responsible for your swim and the ground to the right of your swim stretching down to the next swim.
  12. No wading or swimming in the lake under any circumstances
  13. 2 rods(3 rods winter) maximum and you must be in possession of a valid and correct EA licence.
  14. You are advised that the following will not be tolerated. Heavy drinking, drug use, aggressive, threatening or violent conduct. Police will be called and you will be asked to leave immediately and barred from returning to the complex for life.
  15. No fires. If you use a barbecue, please raise it from the ground.
  16. No knives or guns.
  17. ALL GATES AND ACCESSES MUST be closed after you open them. We have OTTER FENCES for a reason, we need to protect our stocks.
  18. Tubing must be used on all rigs.18 inches minimum.
  19. Minimum 12lb Mainline.
  20. All hook holds and minor damage is to be treated with an adequate system before release. If you don’t have Carp car with you you will be asked to purchase some or leave the site.
  21. No nuts.particle baits & Pellet can be used but must be purchased on site.
  22. No fixed leads
  23. Under no circumstances should you PULL for a break. If you get snagged (with or without a fish on), call the bailiff we will assist in freeing your line with the boat.
  24. If you leave your swim for any reason, you must reel in.
  25. All payments are non-refundable. If in the case of the lake is frozen or fish spawning an alternative date will be given.
  26. Please do not introduce bait into the lake before vacating your swim as this practice may adversely affect anyone fishing the swim after you.
  27. Hilton Valley Carp Lakes do not take any responsibility for any injury, damage, loss or theft to any vehicles, fishing tackle or property whilst you are on the complex.
  28. Dogs are allowed but must be on a lead at all times and must be booked in advance, Do not just turn up with your dog.
  29. Upon booking you confirm that you ARE competent in handling larger fish and understand the care needed whilst they are on the bank and that you have all the correct equipment and tackle needed.

Additional Comments:

  • Anglers will be deemed to have read these rules
  • Any angler causing an infringement will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The Bailiff on site will be making periodic checks.
  • Any angler caught taking fish away will be charged with theft.
  • Anglers fish at their own risk.